This is how I thrive❣️

With God All things are possible.

Never thought I’d get the nerve
to move on
without him in tow.

But I did,
I’m so proud of me,
now that
I’m the one

But I’m not used to leading.
I have to figure out
this new position.

I’ll take the lead
but not really.

God leading the way
with me in tow,
that’s the way
it’s going to go.

Watching My Father,
so I get it Right,
One step at a time,
Just one step behind.

Me, myself and I⁉️
This is how I die.

God, myself and life,
this is how I thrive❣️



Don’t make fun of me cuz I’m small.
I’ll find ways to make me tall.

High upon the pines I sit.
Not much bigger

than a tit.

Make fun of me,
can’t you see?
I’m unique in
Special ways.

Like a rainbow 🌈 exposed by The Light.
All the colors, shining bright.

Not going to be phased,
Going to do things Right.

Love everyone, and
shine God’s Light.

So hummingbird,
I see you shine.
Sitting up upon the pines.

Thanks for visiting,
Now you are gone.

Go shine your shine upon
Another, someone.

It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon

No one knows me,
but me.

So where does this leave me?

Is this just the way it’s supposed to be?


It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon,

Comfort and sanity

in my new life.
Yep I think

I’ve got it right.

It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon,

Peace and tranquility reign over me,
both parts of God now let me be.

It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon,

My cocoon is split right open,
A butterfly, the world’s my oyster.

It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon,


I’m a butterfly,
no more cocoon,
connect Jenn the Fair
with someone new.

Goodbye for now,
I must fly away,
enjoy my life,
before it’s gone❣️



What will tomorrow bring?

Will it bring the rains?

And will there be pain?

Will it leave a strain?


To see the future.

I betcha, it’s gonna be,

Super Duper!

This rhyme’s gotta stop.

Getting stopped by the clock.

Not enough time, 

robbed of my life, 

right in my prime.

When will I be home?

How are things going to be better for tomorrow?

If we don’t start fixing things today?

This is so random.

Now it’s time to abandon,

This rhyme.

That has gotten away from me.

Bye bye for now God bless and keep you.

Till we meet in God’s Sheep hold.

In God’s Lap

The clouds have lifted,
They’re almost gone.
Not in a fog, I got it wrong.

Back in God’s Lap,
Cradled and Secure.
Lost focus for a sec,
Now rested and re-assured.

Had to find out,
Can’t do it on my own.

But …With God, ALL things
are possible.

The further I wander
from this rest,
the more restless I become.
No wandering! Just stay put.
With God, my life is all tied up.
Secure and All
But I stumble and fall.
God picks me up,
High upon the waves.
Makes me strong
makes me brave.
Clouds have cleared.
Now I can see.
Through The Eyes
of The One Who
Created me..

the world is gloomy
Kind of grey and kind of stormy.

I praise YOU Lord,
For patiently waiting
for my return to Your Naval.

In God’s Lap,
That’s where I’ll be.
Getting All the Rest that I need.

Not through yet!

I’ve got nobody.
And nobody’s got me.

But it is good.
What is your problem?

Now you’re free.
What do you do?

All you do.
Is stew and stew.

Boiling over,
The pot won’t hold it.

Biking, hiking, fishing 🎣🦦 birding.
All things,
you should be doing.

So stop your stewing.
Let’s start proving.

What Jenn can do.
Cause I’m not
Through yet.


a sea of change.

When will
my life begin?

hardly breathe.

has taken
my breath away.

Every day
just seems the same.

Hamster wheel,
Going faster and faster.

Can I get off?
And get something accomplished.

Anxiety and Angst

That constant looming
When will it go?

Are you waiting for me to grow?

Is this the next step?
To rid me of,

All of this anxiety and angst?

But how do I do this!?
Please show me the way.

Thank God for this brand new day❣️

Going through the next door.

Once the dust clears.
Who will be here?

Who will be here,
To share my tears?

In time God Will bring,
who He sees fit.

Not a square peg,
In a round hole.

This time
I won’t,
Lose focus.

Focus on what,
God has presented.

Right here, Right now.
Like God has intended.

Here in the present.
No looking back.
Only forward,

Now let’s go,
Through this door.