Hi, it’s me Jen the Fair and Just

I did a Bible study about a year ago and I had to use my name as an acronym stating who God has made me to be. I’m a “rule” follower, but I like a lot of wiggle room within the rule. So I wrote a whole thing on who I believe God made me to be. Not the world, but God….

Here it is……

Lord You gave me this, this is not of myself.

Jennifer The Virtuous You said it Yourself.

Because on the world you have depended not.

While the world tried so hard to toughen me up.

Lower your standards, no you would not!

Virtue is strength and while humbled would not stop.

God foresaw the path she must take.

This is why He did not hesitate.

At times very dark.

But with Virtue and Spark, God’s light leading the way all of her days.

Professing God’s Holy ways.

I must confess, on so many days I just slept the days away.

Jennifer The Virtuous, genuine and pure.

To her Creator did she look for the Cure.

For Righting the wrongs and helping the poor.

Not at what’s in front of her but at the stars above.

For she knows there’s so much more than measly little Mars.

Jennifer The Virtuous glad for the spark.

Fly high above it all, for riches rise and fall.

The Lord is my treasure and my crown, God’s not messing around.

Don’t want to live six feet underground.

This seems to be where the world abounds.

My Virtue is due to God’s Holy might.

It’s God’s Holy Spirit that helps me to fight.

Six feet under ground!?!?

For I am not bound to what this world has to say.

Virtue and Purity innocence abounds.

Now God’s got Jennifer 10 feet above town.

Dancing on waves way above it all.

With God she won’t fall.

Lord thanks for the call,

You’re insights so precious just like gems.

I cannot tell You enough how amazing You’ve been.

So I’ll leave it right here with this piece of advice.

Give it to God He’ll get it Right.

So thank You again for all that You’re doing.

Especially what’s pending, I know You’re not through yet.

But I do know that when I am through,

I will be dancing on the waves with You Lord.

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