God has to Lay the Groundwork

God has to lay the groundwork, the foundation for my travels. Just like a train needs train tracks to move along smoothly and be directed where it needs to go. I see You, Lord the same way. As far as, unless You are placing the track down, it will not be a smooth ride. I know You want me to wait for You to place the pieces of track on, so that I can take the next step in my journey.

But…. “I wanna go now!” Says the impatient brat in me…. I’m sorry, Lord. I thank You so much, that You have an immeasurable amount of Patience, Grace and Forgiveness for me 💜 Help me LORD to be patient and wait on You to lay the track. I’m not going anywhere that I should be, anyway, without being in God’s vessel and in this case it’s a TRAIN.

So I’m going to stay in the Train, even when it’s not moving. During this time I need to utilize whoever and whatever You have placed inside of my Train.

I have to take time to search for the “clues” (skills, insight and knowledge) You have available for me to acquire or learn in order for the next steps in my journey to go on. Help me to search the Train and not meander “off track” searching and never finding what I needed for the next steps.


Because You can only find and utilize what God has given you in the boundaries of the TRAIN. The world will try to find replicas and imposters to fill voids. Yet, all this does is draw you further and further from where you need to be, in order to serve God in the capacity that He is deserving of. You don’t lose your TRAIN, for this is acquired only once You place your life in God’s hands through full surrender to God’s Sacrifice made through Jesus Christ. But we can steer off course and let me tell you, that makes for a really long, tough road to nowhere….

No, it doesn’t lead to hell, don’t forget you still have your Train. You just have to get back to it, get on it and listen to God’s instruction and wait for Him to lay the TRACK. Then….. don’t hesitate to go, because as long as you are in that Train, on TRACK, God will provide the nutriment along the way. He will supply all that is needed for the Journey ahead. Thank You Lord.

I love talking to You.


Train definition…. The word to describe “TRAIN” fits what You were telling me, LORD, in every way…. Which is funny because when You gave me these thoughts and words to put down, I thought, a “train” Lord? I have no interest in trains, I know nothing about trains, how do I use this?

All my questions were answered once I looked up the definition.

Train: Verb.

***(tr)-to guide or teach (to do something), as by subjecting to various exercises or experiences to train a man to fight.

>>>You, Lord are my Teacher, my Guide. I am thankful for all of the times that You have subjected me to various (exercises) trials, tribulations and triumphs in order to, Train me to be a proper member of YOUR KINGDOM (Army), Your, family, LORD. I feel like a recruiter for God’s army at this point in my life, my more active part is over. I need to feed into and help nourish those actively fighting, LORD, thank You.

***(tr)- to control or guide towards a specific goal to train a plant up a wall

>>>Lord with YOU this life has meaning and purpose. There is, a “specific goal”. Our Father wants us all to come back to Him, rejoin His family. Remember we are made in our Heavenly Father’s image. He desperately wants His “excellent” 6th day creation to be reunited with Him. So please, Lord, control and gently Guide me and my train, towards my goal of joining You one day in Heaven. But in the meantime… there is work to be done while on this earth. Thank You and I love You.

***noun- a line of coaches or wagons coupled together and drawn by a railway locomotive

>>>We aren’t traveling alone, our Train automatically comes with “cars”. God is the Engine and the Caboose, He goes before me and always has my back (caboose). There is at least one other car, because somehow God’s Word, the information about Jesus Christ was planted, (or you wouldn’t have a train), someone had to have planted it. A “train car” is created for that person and any others that help you grow spiritually.

***(as modifier) – a train ferry a sequence or series, as of events, thoughts, etc a train of disasters.

>>>The train represents my life, how many “train cars” there are, represents the people I have fed into and have fed into me. Using God’s Word, prayer’s and doing His Will, not my own. My train is owned by God, it was purchased by God and built by God. My life belongs to YOU LORD 💜

***-a procession of people, vehicles, etc, travelling together, such as one carrying supplies of ammunition or equipment in support of a military operation

>>>In my train I would like to believe that there are other Christ followers, proceeding along with me. Traveling together, carrying the supply, ammunition and support needed in order to, heal, help and nourish those who have been fighting The GOOD fight.

***a series of interacting parts through which motion is transmitted a train of gears.

>>>God is the “MOTION” transmitting throughout my whole train, creating movement and momentum in my life.

Everything that I put down from the definitions for train, especially what is underlined, specifically points to what You are telling me through this analogy….. go figure ☝️💜🙏😏😊YOU are such an Amazing FATHER 💜

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