Sitting in the dark

6:47am….I’m sitting here in the dark. Literally, it’s so dark, other than the light coming from my phone. And the more I look at my phone and focus on the light and information coming from it….

When I look up it’s hard to re-adjust to the darkness (the world). It’s the same way with our relationship with God. When we focus on Him (God) and only Him (God, the source of our LIGHT, through Jesus Christ) and the information that LIGHT SOURCE provides. Well, when we “look up”, so to speak, we have to re-focus. Making sure we are still seeing the “world” through the lens of Christ’s Mercy, once you “look up”. But…… the things that are important to this “world” have become trivial distractions in reality in the enemies hands. So it’s ok if it takes a minute to figure out how to adjust to or how to interact with the cold and selfish “world” , particularly when spending more and more time with You, God.

The adjustment is sometimes more difficult than others, depending on how oppositional your immediate “world”, circumstances or surroundings are. But it’s to be expected for the “world” and those who are of this world are in opposition to God.

For example, the enemy uses;

Politics…Sex…Media…Gossip…Money…Outward appearance…Fame etc. etc. I could go on and on, unfortunately. The ways of the “world” are in opposition to God’s ways. All of these things are important to God, in turn being made in God’s image we find importance in them as well. Unfortunately, or I should say expectantly… these things have been twisted, distorted and abused by the “world”. The opposing forces uses these tools while on this earth to confuse us because they know these are important areas of our lives. These things are only important while on this earth. So let us utilize these areas of our lives with righteousness.

These areas should be RULED and GOVERNED by God and His Wisdom.

🙃🌎Politics… in the enemies hands produce, arguments, separation and division. Hatred, war, and constant violence.

💜🙏POLITICS in GOD’S Hands… Perfect Rule, from a Loving all Powerful GOD. Governing in favor of His creation whom He adores and cherishes.

🙃🌎Sex… In the hands of the enemy, is tortured, abused and treated as filthy trash.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands we get Life. And a Beautiful intimate bond between a man and a woman. So devoted to one another that “the two become as one”. Caring just as much for his body as he does yours and vise versa.

🙃🌎Media… In the “world’s” hands, lies, gossip, feeding hatred. Out for fame and fortune at any cost.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands, His Kingdom will grow. Pastors being able to speak to people that are unable to physically go to church. Bible study lessons and other people’s testimonies that are helpful encouragements to other people. People in hospitals or in prison who are out of touch with others, they have media at their fingertips. For example, Relationship not Religion page on Facebook.

🙃🌎Gossip… In the hands of the “world” once again lies, deception and feeding negativity.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands it’s no longer “gossip” it’s TRUTH. Information from God’s Word. Evangelism is what GOD turns gossip into. Pass it on..the Great Commission.

🙃🌎Money…never enough$$ mentality. It can and will consume you left in the “world’s” hands.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands it helps, heals and supplies. In every way the earth makes possible.

🙃🌎Outward appearance…. In the “world’s” hands ugh… don’t get me started. It’s so distorted by the world, I don’t even know where to start. So we will leave it there.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands … we are beautiful and capable of doing anything and everything God has for us to do. Do our part by taking care of our body through diet and exercise. Be purposely healthy in every way, mind, body and soul. 💜

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