Slithering Snake in the Grass

Slithering snake in the grass, how quickly you turn.

Surrender to me they are no good.

Trying to control you, no no no that’s not right.

Let me help you, let me show you the light.

Slither along, in the tall grass.

Choking out any prey that gets in your way.

Refusing to stay on the right path.

Slithering through creating wrath.

Come sweet surrender, it will be okay.

I’ll protect you nothing gets in my way.

Ok, let’s play, nothing will get in our way.

But must I choke out my prey!?

For this causes me dismay.

I can’t stand the wrath and aftermath.

What causes you dismay!?

My way!?

Now you’re in my way!

I’ve been choking you out the whole time we played.

Slither on by!!!

For I’m still breathing.

You haven’t choked me out yet.

I still have breath in my body and life in my bones.

I must destroy this slithering snake or run far away.

I’m no longer your prey! I pray.

Go feast on someone else today.

For God’s way is The only Way.

What you have shown me is not of The FATHER.

I’m following Him, sorry for the bother.

When surrendered to the Lord, my Soul is Secured.

Happiness on earth is fleeting, while people keep on weeping.

Sometimes the pests need clearing.

For my garden must be free.

Free of the serpent.

And filled with Goodness ,

Grace and Mercy

from our Good God.


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