Don’t Miss the Boat

Not instinct to do things blindly. 

I like it when he treats me kindly. 

I have found that I’m not bound. 

To what the world has to say. 

Lies and deceit, the world just cheats. 

It cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats. 

Deception seems to be their weapon. 

The world has treated me so cruelly.

Fortunately, it doesn’t rule me. 

You came along, and proved them wrong. 

God has turned my weakness, strong. 

Didn’t know who I was, almost, 

missed the bus. 

Figuring it out. Running out of time. 

If I don’t hurry up I’ll miss the boat. 

Uh oh, I hear the whistle. 

What will it be, coal or tinsel. 

Never know, just blow and blow. 

Who could have ever known. 

The louder the whistle, the more the hustle. 

Wondering when things will settle. 

Don’t need to know. God’s in control. 

Already know I’m on the Roll. 

When God calls my name. 

It’s all Good. 

Jesus has removed the stains, 

made all things new. 

And I know God can do 

the same for you

Published by jenthefair

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