Please Lord use me

Wow, he never skipped a beat.
As long as I am, meek as sheep.

Doesn’t matter what you’re in.
Smoking or drinking gin.

As long as you can serve me more.
Doesn’t matter who likes you most.
As long as you don’t coast.

Coasting is wrong. Just floating along.

No direction from God. That makes me a fraud.

Notice me with no hair?!?
And they say, I am unaware.

Of this, should I beware?
Or should I cower, naked and scared?

Not gonna cower naked and scared.
Of this itself, I should beware.

Get stuck in this, you must admit.
Is kind of like
throwing a fit.

Going nowhere, when cowered and scared.

This is not your plight. It’s just not Right.

God’s Word is True. Need more of it.

God says what He says and means what He means.
This is way too important
to just wing.

With all my heart and all my time.
I’ll bring to You all that’s mine.

All I have is Yours for the taking.

Please Lord,
use me greatly.

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