The dangling Carrot

Is the dangling carrot such a bad thing? 

If it leads me to the right thing. 

Where I can find 

peace and quiet. 

To eat the carrot once I find it. 

Knowing how screwed up I’ve been. 

Still wanting to hold my hand. 

Touch me here and touch me there. 

Trust me now, I’m not scared. 

Pull me close, I like this the most. 

Now hold me tight, Ya that feels right. 

Take me out. Just a thought. 

Need a friend that won’t stop. 

Understand me, people do not. 

Selfish and stupid I am not. 

Got rid of that slop and negative talk. 

Need someone to keep me sane. 

Power through all the pain. 

Uh oh, here comes the crazy train! 

Getting ready to run me over again. 

My Mind seems crazy, feeling kind of racy. 

Sort it out Jen. Let’s not pretend. 

When you think, it’s not too quick. 

But deeper and deeper, 

now it’s too steep. 

Got stuck in my head. 

Now I am dead. 

No one left to make my bed.

Published by jenthefair

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