You are my Everything

In my weakness God You are Strong. In my failures God You are Victorious. In my sadness, You Lord lift my head. In my grief You Comfort me Lord. In my confusion, You Lord bring Clarity. You are what the world says are the Ying to my yang. The One Key that unlocks me, Jennifer. You complete me Lord. 

You Lord are the first thought in the morning and my final thought as I lay my head down. You are my everything. I would be a person with no bones, no foundation, no base, I’m just a messy mass without You. But You Lord hold me UpRight. I can stand straight, tall and proud because You Lord are my Father and I must reflect my Father. You hold me up with One Hand and gently Comfort me with the other. Who would I be without You Lord?! 

No one! Just another worker ant for the world, doing the world’s bidding, at the world’s request. 

Nope! Not me! 

I belong to The Lord. He is my everything. I will chase You down always, Lord. I pursue You Lord with only a drop of the Passion, Love and Desire You have for me. Which is ridiculous because the amount of Passion, Love and Desire You have for me is beyond the limits of this world. So a drop of that same Passion, Love and Desire is all of the zeal that I need to live each day to the fullest. May I please You always Lord. Even in my failures, because I do not oppose You Lord, so when I fail it’s because I get confused and get it wrong (but You have used it all Lord). I am always pursuing You Lord. Running towards You Lord, sometimes so fast that I get tripped up by the world and its inhabitants. Being pulled in many different directions, but always running in whatever direction that You are Lord. I want You Lord, more than anything else in this world. You are mine and i am Yours. 

When I was discarded in the river, You Lord waded in the water and rescued me. You have been holding me securely ever since. The thought of the Love that You have for me Lord, since my earliest memories, is what holds me together. You Lord are in every party of me, You are the reason I live and breathe. You have formed me through every circumstance, insult and abuse. You always had me, even when I didn’t know, which was so often. I never had any control over my life, but You Lord have held my life dear to Your Heart all along, throughout my lifetime. When I didn’t think I had any worth, You Lord gave me my worth. When everyone including myself fell for the lie that I was stupid and would never amount to anything. You Lord said, “What! This is my beloved, Jennifer, and she is precious to me, she will glorify me in many ways.”  The Lord is my defense, I don’t need to defend myself. 

LORD I can’t thank You enough for all that You have done in and for my life. I will spend the rest of my days serving You with my life, as I have the last 40 or so years. This is how I thank You Lord, this is how I glorify and magnify You in my life Lord. With the beautiful precious life that You have blessed me with. 

You are my everything. I exist because of You Lord. Amen

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