Alive and Vibrant

I’m alive and vibrant.

All the beautiful colors.

Red, yellow, blue and green.

What does all of this mean?

Sometimes I feel alive.

Other times like I could die.

Which one is the lie?

Shining bright for all to see.

Or hanging out and having tea.

The Lord lives inside of me.

Until God says 

“It is finished”.

The show must go on.

Vibrant and strong.

Forged by God.

It’s in His Footsteps,

I’ll wave the baton.


Sweet Victory.

So go and tell the enemy,

“Stop fighting! 

Love has won!”

The Lord prevailed.

Torn the Veil.

Now we are,

No longer in jail.

Thank You Jesus

For being our Bail.

Inspired by.

I was lying in bed thinking about just how crappy I felt. How uncomfortable and tight my muscles feel. How tight my breaths feel. Wondering which was better, continuing to live like this or joining God in heaven. And I feel this was my pep talk from God. 

I just feel like my body and I are in a constant battle. The battle is, trying to keep my body calm and relaxed. 

Apparently my fight or flight response is being kicked on all over my body. Stress! (Raynaud’s) Stress! (Tight psoas muscle) Stress! (Anxiety) Stress! ( It’s killing me slowly but surely). I pray that at least the progression would slow down. Everyone keeps commenting on how sensitive I am now. How stress is just part of life and I just have to learn how to deal with it. Lord, I believe that this is what builds our faith. I can’t do this but, YOU can. 

Leaning into You Lord is the stretch that helps with stress…. I’m leaning in hard, Lord. I don’t want to over stretch, but I want to be sure that You Lord, touch every area of my body that is affected by stress. Whatever the stress response I pray that it only be engaged when it will engage an action propelling me into Your Will Lord and away from all evil. Amen.

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