Dancing on the Waves

Dancing on the Waves

February 11, 2020 Year of Our Lord -Tuesday 5:20 p.m.

I absolutely love the way You have been speaking to me and interacting with me. I feel like You have taken our relationship to the next level. I know now why You wanted me to listen to the song, “Dancing on the Waves”, by We the Kingdom. It took me awhile and I am sorry for that, Lord. But based on the promotion You gave me, through the message of this song, I know You are not holding that against me. I know that this song, these words were meant to communicate this message to me…Jennifer. Thank You. You tell me that, You are calling me to come closer to You. Calling me Home, into Your Arms. More specifically, I hear you saying, “Come off of the battle lines, it’s time to rest.” 

I realize I am still rushing around frantically and You are chasing me around, chasing me down. I hear You calling me, Lord, I just don’t know how, to “slow down” and “stop fighting”. You flooded me with emotions when listening to this song, “this time”. It took about five times, before I heard what You are saying to me. I finally listened and actually heard You. 

Your love for me Lord, is so OVERWHELMING. I can hardly stand how GOOD You have been and continue to be to me. I feel so blessed and honored, yet so undeserving, Lord. I know that this is the very reason You honor me the way that You do….{tears of overwhelming joy}.

I don’t want to be afraid, I know that if I can’t, that You Can. I know that You will equip me for whatever next steps I face. I feel that You are telling me that I can not take the next steps until I put down all of the “weapons” and “security’s” that You have equipped me with throughout the years. This thought, this request of Yours is causing a lot of emotions in me. Causing, tears, a lump in my throat and tightness in my gut. I’m afraid to lay them down, Lord. These “weapons” and “security’s” are what I know when it comes to my position in Your Army, in Your Family. Why I am resisting, I don’t understand, Lord. I know that You are calling me to more. Something even better than I have right now, You are so Good, Lord. I didn’t even realize that there was another level, while I was here on Earth, to the depth of my relationship with You, Lord. I’m so glad that “You” are writing my story, Lord. Because You have such a great love and merciful Grace for me. You have favored me since my acceptance of You into my life, as a child. I am truly Overwhelmed with emotions of Your Greatness.

You also revealed to me that everything I have gone through in my life, You have grieved right alongside me, I have never ever been alone in my despair. One of the reasons I need to position myself where You want me to be Lord and rid myself of the spiritual cataracts in my life, is because I don’t want You to grieve for me any longer, Lord. I want to put a smile on Your Face the way that You do for me. I want to please You!

Remove any lenses that are not placed there by You, LORD. Through the Perfect  Lense of Jesus Christ, that’s the LENSE I need to be looking through. The original lense was tainted by sin, but when we are born again and baptized we automatically receive “spiritual” cataract surgery. Once we receive the Holy Spirit, this Perfect Lense should replace the original lense. Viewing humanity through the Perfect LENSE of Jesus Christ, through The Holy Spirit. I need to see all of humanity, including myself through this LENSE. The only way to be with God is through Jesus Christ.

I also know Lord that it is no coincidence that Lori and I  are doing a Bible study that has me learning the meaning of my name “Jennifer”. And when I looked it up, it repeatedly said, “white wave” but the “white” it kept referring to was, purity or light. The song is “Dancing on the Waves” 😊💜 I love when You put a smile on my face like this. 

Lyrics from “Dancing on the Waves” by We the Kingdom. 

“The past is dead, 

your healing has begun, 

I’m making all things new.” 

You have Spoken! Amen

Once again, no coincidence that this is in the Cultivating Pearls study I have been doing since January 1, 2020.

Revelation 21:5a And the ONE sitting on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new!

You have been trying to speak to me about this very thing for about a year at least,Lord. What I know, is that You have walked me through childhood, my teen years and my adult years. I also know that You are telling me to slow down and rest. That message seems to be quite matter-of-fact, coming through, perfectly clear. I think the part that I am having a problem with, is setting down those “weapons” and “security’s”. For one thing… either I keep picking them back up or people keep placing them back in my hands. Why?!? I’m not 100% sure what exactly the specific “weapons” and “security’s” are. I know that You are saying that, I have no use for them in the next steps in our relationship. As a matter of fact You are wanting to fill my hands with something else, with something new. I’m afraid of change and new is change. I know that I need not fear, I need to have faith. I need to stop running, so that you don’t have to chase me. I want to walk on the water and even more. Dance on the Waves! You are such a personal and relational God. Hashem. You are amazing! Build my faith, so that when You call me out into the water, I will take those steps of Faith. And even better yet, You and i, will be, Dancing on the Waves. They won’t pull me under, because You, Lord lift me way above it all. So that I can see the sunrise (The Son Rise) and Dance on the Waves 😊💜. 

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