JESUS has overcome

To avoid the pain that came,

I ran out of the frame. 

Trying to avoid the flames

Not trying to place any blame.

Do the Right thing, Had been my thing. 

Toughen up, I think not. 

Bruised and beaten, tenderized.

Got my insides on the outside. 

Open, shut, now close it up.

Stitches and scars, they leave a mark. 

Flip me up, then set me down.

I pray that I earn a crown. 

Put others first, sometimes you’ll burst. 

But being stomped on, Is the worst. 

Killing me softly had been all the rage. 

God has freed me from this cage. 

Come on let’s turn the page. 

Not going to stay, not going to play. 

With all this growth you’d think I’m stoked. 

But fear has got me by the throat. 

Don’t squeeze too tight. 

I’ve seen The Light. 

With God by my side. 

I need not fight. 

Rest a little, then we’ll go. 

Let the whole world know. 

Jesus Christ has overcome 

This world. Amen

Published by jenthefair

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