Before it’s too late

I can make requests,
but God knows what’s best.

Fussing and fighting
Will get you nowhere.

Sanity left, I need it back.
Somewhere between sweet
And meek.

All jumbled up in my head.
Sometimes, wish I were dead.

Cause then Lord,
I could explain.
Why I do the things
that seem insane.

Guess I needed reminding.
God’s here, now, in front of me.

Talk my sister, then you’ll see.
God The Father meets all of your needs.

He’s here and there,
He’s everywhere.

God’s around every corner.
I’ve been sleepwalking,
And snoring.

Just making noise to get my way.
Jesus has shown me a better way.
Thank You my Brother for reminding me today.

God never changes,
Leaving this world, can wait.
I won’t take the bait.

Rest my head,
but only in my bed.

God’s got plans
So don’t hesitate.
Go before it’s too late.

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