Bold and Beautiful

Trained so well.

Not to fail.

Push, shove.
Where’s the love?

Dumb, dumb.
How can you

Go write your poems
Cut your heart open.

Bare it all
What do you have to lose?
It’s God that loosens the noose.

Choking me out.
What does it matter?

Restoration’s in the AIR.
So tighten the saddle.

The simple is who You use.
Label me “simple” and use away.

The world just pushes me away.

Deeper and deeper into
The Lord’s Arm’s

is where I’ll stay.

Resting in my Father’s arms
Is where you will find me.

Week link?!?
I won’t sink.

So cut me loose
Noose off.
Now watch me go!

I won’t be slow
Picking up speed.

Thinking I’m a clown?
Now I have a crown.
Won’t go
upside down.

No victim here.
Not feeling scared.

Dynamic and unique
Is what I squeak.

Once upon a time
Thought I lost my mind.

Found it.

Not dumb
but sound.

The WORD makes sense
Can’t be on the fence.

God did it all.
Now we have the ball.

Love HIM well
While we drink from HIS WELL.
Nourished and free
Yep that’s me.

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