Drifting Away

I’m drifting away from the sorrows of tomorrow. 

They tend to rain down

So much pain and sorrow. 

Stop thinking in the past. 

Stop gazing at the future. 

Please refrain from this stuper. 

Just a lingering pain remains. Trust me all pain is not the same. 

Some of it produces change While others are lame

And do nothing but

Cause pain. 

Pain inside and Pain outside. 

Nothing seems to wet my whistle. 

Change has come, 

But has it gone? 

Feel like I’m coming, 


Sometimes the pain 

would make me lame. 

Sometimes the pain 

would lead to change. 

But trust me when I say

That all pain is not the same.

Time to stop

All this resisting. 

Don’t you know

That it’s God You’re wrestling?!? 

Insane maybe but God can clear me. 

I’m His child.

Surrender to Him daily. 

Published by jenthefair

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