God is my Warmth

February 3rd, 2020 Year of Our Lord, Monday, 7:40 a.m.

Good morning, God.

This morning… You drew me out of bed with the light of the sun and the promise of its warmth. Of course this made me think of You, Lord. With the changing of the weather from winter to “spring”, it brings along light and warmth. I am so looking forward to brighter days, longer days and warmer days. 

The way that it feels in my body when I have a Raynaud’s attack from stress or the cold, is; stiff, rigid and nothing wants to work right. My coordination is thrown off because my toes and fingers are numb. My heart feels tight, my breathing feels forced and I can’t think straight. My nose and lips go numb, which probably happens because my body is in a panicked response to what is happening. Which makes sense, because if I try to rush and get out of the cold it will sometimes make the attack worse.

But, and this is a big BUT…

The Comfort of God is the only comparison I can use to express how I feel, internally through God’s Holy Spirit, when having a Raynaud’s attack. With the “cold” evil of this world representing the Raynaud’s attacks. 

When I am warming up from a Raynaud’s attack. OH My goodness. As the blood begins to go back into every artery, vein and organ, where it belongs in order to have optimal health. It Feels So good. It’s like having a terrible itch that you haven’t been able to reach for a long time, and finally you got to it and relieved the itch….AHHH. 

First the fingers… Warmth, movement, and a peace that the rest of me, my body, is going to feel better soon. Then I realize that, my toes aren’t numb anymore. Oh wow, I can breathe easier, everywhere in my body that was tensed up from the attack can now relax. Slowly all comes back into Harmony and it feels so good just to be. You don’t know how good it is to just be unless your “being” has had to undergo, uncomfortable growth. 

We don’t have to be entertained by God, it’s not His responsibility to entertain you, or make you happy. Not to say that God doesn’t do so, because He does, He loves to see smiles on the faces of His children. But… He does it because He loves us, not because He has to in any way shape or form. God created us, so it’s His choice as to what He does with us and how He uses His creation. It sounds crazy because you are using a puny human scale to think through and reason through. But let’s look at the facts… 

God created everything. So that means, there are only two things, God and His creation (everything, everyone) the universe, atmosphere, oxygen, every particle everywhere. Hopefully that popped the bubble and blew your minds and the human scale of thinking about God.

Now think about this, with all of that power, He could have done anything with us, but He chose to Love us. He could have done anything with us His creation, HIS fallen broken creation. But in His Almightiness, He chose to humble Himself, become flesh, and died for us. In His strength, that is what He did with and for HIS creation. He could have destroyed us, He wanted to a few times in history. But rather than destroy us, He came down and gave Himself for us. He wants so badly to be reunited with His excellent Sixth-Day creation, that He died for us. 

💜Now what are you going to do with that information?!?💜

Because for me it’s mind-blowing in the best way possible, that our Almighty POWERFUL God, would use HIS strength to Love us the way that He does, and has throughout history.

Nothing even comes close to comparing to, GOD ALMIGHTY!

So Lord, I pray that You continue to provide my life with Your Light, and the Warmth it provides. 

I will also take a parallel lesson from when I have a Raynaud’s attack. In the situations and circumstances of life, when I am in the “coldness” of this evil world, I will stay calm. I will not try to rush through or out of it because it just makes matters worse sometimes. I just need to plug into YOU, Lord. The Warmth that You provide, is like living on this Earth with Raynaud’s… but You have given me the most awesome pair of heated gloves and socks, super naturally powered by You. So every time I have to walk through, the “cold” of this world, I have the supernatural warmth provided by the, heated gloves and heated socks, You made specially for me. 

So I don’t have to rush through, I can slow down, connect with You, Lord. Then slip on my “gloves” and “socks” knowing that You will keep the attack from happening through whatever provisions necessary. Your provision, Your care, the heated “gloves” and “socks”, I know that I can take comfort in knowing that You will keep me warm. Providing the Light of Your lamp for every step. A beautiful LIGHT that shines supernaturally through whatever circumstances I go through. I know this because you always have Lord. AMEN

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