My mind is racing.

Racing all over 

Thoughts are ridiculous, 

coming faster and faster. 

But what do I do with all of the thoughts that fall through? 

Do I just toss them aside or look at them later? 

I don’t know how that’s possible, 

being that later never comes. 

So then what do I do with all of the extra thoughts that pile up?

Just a thought. 

Oh no, not another one, here they come, 

they never stop. 

Buried deep now, 

under all of this thought!? 

I wish this brain would stop. 

Let me off and just be sane.

Is this part of the game? 

Or shall I bleed these thoughts away. 

Till each and everyone has drained. 

Must I entertain, every single one of them? 

Or can I rest my head, even when not in bed. 

Lay my brain in the rain. Maybe the pain will wash away. 

Feels like I may have sprang my brain. 

So how do I repair it again? 

Go and take a shower? Now no longer cowered. 

Brain feels great. Time to take a break. 

Been washed pure. 

Now it’s time to be restored. 

To the little girl that God has formed.


Published by jenthefair

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