Can’t erase one bit of my life. 

You’ve used it all Lord 

not once but twice. 

That sounds confusing 

but really it’s not. 

You just have to 

connect all the God Dots. 

Thank You Lord 

You’ve been so Nice. 

Allowing me,

to live life twice. 

The first half was fun. 

Lighter now, I’ve got to run. 

Next half, coming quickly now. 

The Lord has got me wearing a crown. 

Fulfilling my destiny. 

God, You can have 

the rest of me. 

Sorry I held back. 

Guess I got off track. 

Faith is strong, 

held on this long. 

Still change and different, 

seem wrong to me. 

Trying so hard to change the scene. 

Old life is gone. 

So let’s play on. 

You got this Jen, 

all the way to the end. 


Published by jenthefair

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  1. I love this one!!! It literally hit me when you said… I’m wearing a crown now… because you are living for you!!! This is awesome! Thank you for writing them…I will always read them… can’t say I will always comment… but I will try my best…

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