This is Just a test.

So much of this, is just a test. 

What is the lesson, so I can rest.

The Just is here, 

now draw me near. 

Don’t be faint, be fair. 

This will build Your character. 

So many times I’ve tried to fight it.

But now I just can’t deny it. 

Thoughts get stuck. 

Wondering what? 

How did I end up in this muck? 

Long road ahead, must keep my head. 

Love my Lord, 

I put Him first. 

Sometimes feel like, 

I’m going to burst. 

Obsessive thoughts, tied up in knots.

 Can’t picture the future, so I will stop. 

Give you control. 

Because I’m a fool. 

Need to go back to school. 

Still learning lessons all the time.

Like when to run and when to hide. 

Think I’ve got it, change the lense. Frames too small, now I’ll begin. 

Bigger picture, now I see. More than just what’s in front of me. 

Clearer now, the visions clear. 

I’m not complete unless You’re near. 

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