Left Behind?!?

Left behind, but by whom. 

Not the Lord, but by the world. 

That’s OK, I’ll walk not run. 

But of the world, I am done. 

Leave me behind, it’s OK. 

Feels like I’m going to win today. 

God by my side, that’s no surprise. The world’s a joke, now I’ve got to go. 

God’s in control. 

This is all I need to know. 

God runs my world. 

He is whom I’m running towards. 

I’ll slow down, so I don’t fall. 

In this world I’ve hit a wall.

God above is my focus. 

Lord Love me well, 

I need Your 


Published by jenthefair

Go to my "this is me" section. You will read more than you ever wanted to know about me.

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