Time’s Abused

Time’s abused, 

always getting used. 

Never satisfied. 

Not enough, 

or too much. 

Want to be young

yet, wise. 

Time’s the only way, 

to have wisdom for today. 

Time goes on, 

like it or not. 

That’s why we must Care, 

not living life 

without thought. 

Can’t get it back, 

Once it’s gone.

Taken Time for granted, 

for so long. 

Time is precious. 

Playing, catch up. 

Take what Time you need. 

But not so much 

that you make Time bleed.

For when you rush, 

or take too much Time, 

What you’re doing is bleeding Time. 

Now listen carefully to this rhyme. 

When living like this. 

There’s so much you will miss. 

The whole world is like a blur.

You know I want more.  

So make me an offer 

I just can’t refuse. 

Time is up, 

now Light the fuse. 

What will it be? 

Sonshine and Forgiveness. 

Or do you prefer, 

Ignorance, confusion and opposition. 

I’ll take Grace from our heavenly Father. 

How could I think

To do anything other. 

I’ll take the Time. 

Yet not for granted.

Thank You Time

For all You’ve granted. 

For Time is the Lord. 

He is who grants it. 

With this knowledge. 

Can you really afford 

to waste Time, now grasp it. 

Come on get up and stop reading this rhyme. 

Go do what God says. 

But not a minute more. 

God’s got that minute stored 

in a different droor. 

Don’t sit too long 

in the same spot. 

You’re grieving God 

and that’s got to Stop! 

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