The Mender

JJ the Mender. 

He will make it all better. 

Mend you up better than ever. 

Be bold not shy, 

Let’s give this thing one more try.

New experiences never had.

New insights given rise. 

Who is this person in the mirror that I don’t recognize? 

Where did she come from and what does she want?

I have no more to give, so I wish you good luck.

So many enjoyed the mayhem and strife.

What to do with this odd little girl and all of her might?

The Mender has mended the things that were wrong. 

Now she’s ok, she will go on. 

Not dragging each part of her stumbling along. 

But with excitement and vigor she will go on. 

Dynamic and unique that’s who she is.

Not the mayhem and strife that defined her so long.

Mayhem and strife were shown the door.

With the help of the Mender they are no more. 

The Mender is the sender of all mayhem and strife. 

Get out of here you don’t belong, 

I’ll help you fight the Good fight. 

She shall fight no more,

For the Lord’s, her reward.

A crown on her head, 

is what God said. 

They thought that they had her, but not so fast. 

The Lord has redeemed her, she’s no slave to her past. 

Not one can stand against the Almighty.

God’s army’s equipped with God’s Love 

so don’t fight it.

No one can penetrate the fortress of ME.

Who I am, who God made me to be. 

Now an immovable force. 

No one can shake me. 

The Lord’s my foundation 

And He won’t forsake me. 

We talk all the time.

God is mine.

Given insights rising High.

While the world passes by.

The world sees this as crazy. 

But the world is kinda hazy.

The Lord has shown me favor.

Since back in the cradle.

The Lord has given me all of these things.

Yet I boast of nothing 

for I have nothing to bring.

But the Lord I could speak of with every breath.

The Lord’s Love is immense.

Please Lord guard this mess.

Let nothing except You 

be my defense.

I love You Lord 

and Thank You for everything. 

Especially the mending 

that I believes, pending.

I feel like a new person. 

In the best possible way.

Just pray this change

Is here to stay.

šŸ™šŸ’œšŸ™šŸ’œšŸ˜Š Amen

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