God’s Holy Spirit Lives in me.

No longer sitting on the edge of my seat. 

Living life on the edge. 

Just meets defeat. 

No this is not for me. 

Thought I had to pay a fee. 

Always tripping me up you see. 

Walking by sight and not by faith. Walking by sight gave me such a fright. On the edge of my seat is where it left me. 

It’s Christ in me that paid the fee. So my debt is paid. My past has been set free. 

So my debt is paid. 

Past has been laid. 

Laid to rest.  

Now I can have the very best. 

Now pursuing the best 

I won’t settle for less. 

No longer walking by sight  

but by faith, this is right. 

God lead me and guide me. 

I know You’re beside me. 

Helping me on, 

if something goes wrong. 

Thank You Lord, 

for all that You’ve done. 

I’ll sit back in my seat. 

For God’s in control. 

God’s paid the Fee, 

now He lives in me. 

Now it’s to Him that I 

Bend my knee.

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