Change is Here to Stay

Change is definitely, 

here to stay. 

Today is a brand new day. 

With many trials of its own. 

Lord You’ve brought me through it all. 

Making me Your own. 

Better now, that I’m aware.  

Thought serving others, was what I must bear. 

A doormat is what I became. 

Wipe your feet, no, it’s no bother. 

Whatever I can do. I will do it for you. 

Keep the peace. 

This was all that mattered. At any cost. 

Until you are flattened.

Flattened was I. Till nothing was left. 

They stomped and kicked. Till I was nothing but mush. 

But Lord, You have revived me. 

Treating me kindly. 

Mouth to mouth, now I’m breathing. 

Taking shape, Yep, now we’re healing. 

Lord change me here and change me there. 

Of You’re Healing, 

I need more and more. To be completely restored. 

New me, complete in my Lord. 

He’s my focus. No time for hocus pocus. 

God is real. 

The most real thing, here. 

The rest of the world’s, 

only here to steal.

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