Lord help keep my head held High

With You leading the way.
Lord, I will obey.
Your Will is for real.

Satan just wants to steal.
Lie and cheat, leading you to defeat.

Not today, or any other day. Go! Get away. You can’t stay!

I’ve entertained you long enough.
Thought I was a slave, I called your bluff.

Following God is how I roll.

No distractions.
No Satan, you can’t catch me.

Try as you may. God’s got this day. And all the days to follow.

I know you will always try. But this will just leave you hollow.

There is no way around, with my head to the ground. Humbled and enslaved to the One who Paid, the price for me.

Now I live free.
Free from Satan and all his lies.
I know this now.

Because I believed them sometimes. They had me all tied up, thinking I would die.

Just needed to decipher that lie. Bring it to my Father.
Now it’s put to rest.

All lies exposed, by the Light. God’s Spirit is what gives me
this insight.

So thank You Lord.
Satan shut the door.
Your lies aren’t believed any more.

God help me stay humbled, with my head held high. So I’m not destroyed by all of the lies.

Published by jenthefair

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