Wales and Elephants

Kind Strength

Wales and Elephants, the biggest on earth. 

Both giants, with plenty of girth. 

Yet with their power, they choose not to devour. 

Both gentle and kind, Considering their size. 

Reminding me of their Creator. 

God, who they’ve modeled. 

The One who made them. 

Because in His strength. Make no mistake. 

God’s Power, should make you cower. 

Healthy fear, Yep that’s clear. 

But in His Strength. He’s Loved us so. 

Showed us sin, is no good. 

No matter how many times. God forgives. 

He Loves us all. 


God’s Love poured out on us. 

Crush us, He did not. 

Yet Love us, Oh so much. 

Giving us a space 

to contain

Your Holy Spirit. 

Thanks for the strength Lord. 

Hearing You very clearly. 

Your Holy Spirit. Is what I covet.  

Comfort and Strength is what You provide. 

Walk with me Lord. Till the day that I die. 

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