Why do I Resist?

Have some fun!

Why do I resist? 

I know You will persist. 

Loving me the way You do. 

No matter what I go through.

Whether in the rain or in the snow. 

Following You Lord, is where I’ll go. 

Save me from myself. Is all that I can yell. 

As I settle deeper and deeper 

into my cell. 

A prison I have formed. 

Slowly I’ve conformed. 

The straight jacket of life 

Is on, way too tight.

Let me loose. To show you proof. 

Of what God can do. 

In spite of trying to 

destroy yourself.

Stop resisting and start resting. 

God’s got this, Jen, So let’s start living. 

Life is short. So get to work.

Love all

And worship One. 

Since time’s begun.

God has had us in His grip. 

We know the battle’s 

Already been won. 

So let’s just 

have some fun. 


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