Don’t keep pace, run your own race.

You can’t make them change.

All you can do is change yourself.
Don’t put yourself on a shelf.

Progress to the next level,
for you, yourself and nobody else.

Sometimes that step is in sink with mine.
Sometimes it’s not, they’re way off the line.

If not in step with mine,
Do I wait, or leave them behind?

Do I get my butt in gear?
Keep walking tall and confident,
Knowing I’m heading towards
Your Light.

Keeping pace with the rest.
This way you get no rest.
And certainly not my very best.

You told us in Scripture Lord,
that we should stand out from the crowd.
Not keeping pace, with the rest.
Lord, You truly want our best.

I must make my Father proud.
Not keeping pace.
But running my own race.

Now dance and shout.
Come on let’s move.

God is repairing me.
This is very clear.

So change or not?!
But I can’t stop!

God’s got me on a mission.
And I can’t stop until I’m finished.

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