I feel like such a fraud 

because God controls my thoughts. 

So when a thought comes in, 

it’s God who moves the wind. 

It’s only me, that hears God’s plea. 

God’s Holy Spirit inside of me. 

Appearances can be deceiving. 

Leave a place, after speaking,  

Walk away and think to myself, 

Where did that come from?

It was not of myself.

Didn’t come, from my knowledge. 

Came from God’s storehouse.

So when I’m asked 

“how did you come up with that?” 

I really don’t know 

You’re in God’s house.

Taking credit, for what’s not mine.

That’s how I feel, a lot of the time.

Just like a crook.
But here’s the truth.

It’s all in, God’s Good Book.

That’s where our knowledge

should always come from.

This will help, to keep us humble.

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