“So watch what you say.
Please be purposeful.”

So bored.

Everything’s, Just words.

Words that heal. Words that hurt.

Words that bring about arguments.

Words of hope. Words that demote.

Words that say. You’re alright, okie doke.

Words that slash and Words that make you laugh.

Words of many. Words a plenty.

Sometimes words, Just keep on coming.

Even though. I keep on running.

Control the tongue. When the day is done.

Words sometimes, Can weigh a ton.

Words can also, Make you guilty.

Words of few. Words are spewed.

Words like.      I love you        .

It can be so sweet. Or mistreat.

Words were spoken. By the Lord.

And all took on, It’s earthly form.

You spoke it Lord, And it became.

Exactly what it’s, Supposed to be.

Words are important. God says so.

So watch what you say. Please be purposeful.

Published by jenthefair

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