God holds my life in His Hands

God You hold my life in Your Hands.
All that happens is in Your plans.

Whether on a mountain top way up high.
Or in a valley, where I feel, I could die.

You’ve got me covered.
Like whip cream on pumpkin pie.

Settle, I could.
But Sicilian am I.
So I’d much rather die.
Then to compromise.

Just kidding, or am I?
When it comes to my faith.
There is no debate, I will not hesitate.
To put you in your place.

My faith is strong, no compromise there.
But with him or her,
I do find common ground.

Preach God’s Word.
Now it’s your turn.

Reach out your hands.
Then take a stand.

For what is Right.
Not what is wrong.

Up until the
Day is done.

Published by jenthefair

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