Plugged into God’s Holy Light

Plug into God’s Holy Light

Finally at peace, finally at rest.

Now I can give life, my very, very best.

When wrestling with God, He will always win.

If you think you’ve won, then you better think again.

It’s only a delusion, forgive the intrusion.

But I feel there might be a little bit of confusion.

The peace and rest, that makes me, my very very best.

Has left me now, guess I couldn’t pass the test.

A weight on my chest, leaving me a wreck.

Peace, come back, for I really need the rest.

You’re welcomed here, not pain and fear.

Get out of here, We’ll have none of that.

God’s my Peace, so you better back up!

Anything that disturbs my peace, 

must face God’s wrath.

And I know,

I want no part of that..

So Lord, please

Continue to grant me

Peace and Contentment.

This is the way that I stay connected.

Plugged into God, through Jesus Christ.

Made Brighter still, by God’s Holy Light.

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