A Dreamer I may be

A dreamer I may be.

While reaching for Heaven,

I’ve touched some stars.
Had I not dreamed,

I’d touch no stars at all.

While dreaming has sometimes,

Left me screaming.
It’s worth it. I must face my demons.

They have nowhere to hide.

Thought they’d be sly.
God’s got every inch of me covered.
Because of The Gift that He offered.

God’s Holy Spirit has got me on fire.
Creating more and more desire.
Spark turned into a flame.
Now an inferno this is no game.

Jesus came down to fill the gap.
Mend what’s broken.

Pick up our slack.
Take away our sin,

removing Satan’s grin.

Reducing his chances of
Cheating and stealing.
This just got real, those demons thought.

“We better get serious.

We just can’t stop”.

Yet stop you, God did.

By covering our sin.
Now victory is ours.

Because of our Lord.

So Satan give up.
It’s God’s Love that’s so tough.
Can’t penetrate His Forgiveness.
Can’t shame us anymore.
Jesus showed Satan the door.

Final exit: Lake of fire.
Stop it really, you’re just embarrassing yourself now.
Stop throwing a fit. I know you’re pissed.

But God is God.

And you are not!!

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