Holy Spirit speak louder than the crowds.

Don’t know how.
Turned into a coward.

Fortune and fame
Has left you lame.

Solomon’s quest.
Left him beaten and broken
Argued with God, found out when it’s over.

All that counts is God and His purpose.
The fool runs after the world,
Yet keeps repeating the same mistakes.
Defaming and slaying the hearts of God’s people.

Give us protection under Your Steeple.
Protect us always, with Your countenance.
Direct our path, lead us away from Your wrath.

You are Good, I know this as fact.
In my heart, is where we store IT.
Precious and Strong.
It’s God’s Holy Spirit.

Let none drown IT out.
No matter how loud.
Holy Spirit speak loud.
Louder than the crowds.

Your Voice is all I want to hear.
So please Lord make it clear.
For it’s You whom communicates
Through Your Holy Spirit.


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