Throw away the crutches

Throw away the crutches.

I’ve used crutches my whole entire life. While The Lord has held me up completely on so many occasions in the past (through His Holy Spirit), I’ve used crutches most of my life to be able to stand upright on my own. I believe that the crutches were given to me by God as an aid but now they are being overused by me. I know that I had a real need for these crutches at some point in time and maybe I’ll need them in the future. But not now, not when God has brought me so far from where I once was. To a point of healing where maybe I could at least drop one of the crutches.

Stop living life with the same broken tools, the same coping mechanisms. Or your crutches may end up being a wheelchair, with even more dependency, then a scooter, now your own muscles are weak and can’t support the weight of living in this world. Now mind you, we shouldn’t be carrying the weight of the world, God, the Creator of this earth is the only One that can carry the weight of it. (He did this by sending Jesus, Jesus carried the weight of our sin on The Cross.) The earth became so heavy once sin entered it. God created earth beautiful and pure, “it was good”. But it has been corrupted by the world (free will) and it’s evil rulers (their influence on our free will).

Rather than aiding you at this point this equipment is actually crippling you. Weakening you because you aren’t even trying, even with the help of God.

Aid definition- noun
assistance; help; support a person,

device, etc, that helps or assists a teaching aid.

God does not take over, it’s not an artificial limb God gives us. But God offers us help, assistance and support, not a takeover or replacement. That would be great for our struggle but not great for building our characters. God cares most about the part of us that lives forever, our soul. Our content, our character. If we get a little beaten and bruised, (it’s ok), it’s all part of shaping us into the being that God created us to be. Jesus was beaten and bruised on our behalf, for our sin. He shared in our guilt, shame and all else that came into this world through our own disobedience. (Although he didn’t share sin with us. For Jesus was without sin, completely blameless.) Ever since the fall, all of us need aid from God to be able to live in this world. God gave us His Beautiful and Precious Holy Spirit, through His plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ. And let me tell you, this is more than enough to survive this world. Utilized properly this One piece of “Equipment” is all we need, God’s Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit that equips us with the full armour of God. The same Holy Spirit produces the Fruits of The Spirit. God knows first hand what it’s like to live on this earth through the lense of Jesus Christ. The full armour of God is our defensive equipment, given through God’s Holy Spirit. The Fruits of God’s Holy Spirit are our offensive equipment, given through God’s Holy Spirit.

God came down and dwelt among men, how amazing is that!?!
Jesus our Intercessor.
Jesus our Mediator.
Jesus our Brother!?!

In addition to that, when Jesus left this world, God poured out upon us, The Gift of His own Holy Spirit.

Jesus walked this earth and lived on the earth, to show us the way to heaven. Following in Jesus’ footsteps is the only way to God. All other ways will lead us to a locked door that only Jesus has the key to. Jesus is the only One who can reconcile us with God. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life with our Creator, God. I’m constantly blown away by the ways of The Lord.

Your ways are so much Higher.
Thank You Lord for Your constant care, concern and aid.
Help me to live my life utilizing all that Your Holy Spirit can bring to my life.
Shape and mold me into the being You created me to be.
Your constant Love and Support are the only aids I need and these come from Your Holy Spirit, Lord.
I must confess I will need Your Holy Spirit to survive this world, all the way up until the day I have the privilege to be reunited with You, my Creator.
Then I will be praising You day and night Lord.
Lightweight and free, the weight of the world is finally gone.
Sin will finally be completely abolished in my life.
I can spend eternity with You Lord.
No more wrestling to be Good, I get to finally REST and just Be Good just as my Heavenly Father is GOOD.

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