Salvation Secured

I have all the tools
and I know all the rules.

For both the Earth and God’s Holy Rule.

I learned how to use the weapons of Earth,
to combat the world and all of its hurt.

The tools of God
to encourage holy living,
I listened and learned then
I came out swinging.

Yet still confused, this is an issue.

Go back and listen closer,
start at the beginning.

God’s Words are True
and available to you.

Soak it up, every bit,
All the way until the end.
Jesus has become our friend.

A confidant and Loving ear.
Jesus listens to my fears.

Covers them all,

now I can stand tall.

Confident and strong, as long as God’s got my arm.
Not just my arm Lord, my mind, body, and soul.

Every inch of me, cries
“Lord, hold me secure.”

Salvation secured,
by The Lord.

This is what I know for sure.
Figuring it out, hearing better now.

Lord You are, my holy vow.

Not a nun but living life.
To make God proud, now that is RIGHT.

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