God has come to Save us all

He chooses not to go.
Let me loose
watch me roar.

Watching me struggle.
Refusing to cuddle.

Squeeze me maybe.
Choke me till I’m unable.

Unable to breathe or see or even bleed.
I’m all used up, there’s nothing left in me.

Bleed me dry, I can’t even cry.
Because there’s nothing left inside.

Hollow and alone,
feel it deep in my bones.

But God has not left me.
He won’t forget me, I know.

Cuddle me close.
God loves me the most.

Get away world,
No room for you here.

God has Spoke,
and you are broke.

Broken and bruised
This is no joke.

God’s Spirit within me.
Rising higher and higher.

Rising above, all the muck and mire.

With God by my side, now I can roar.

Because God has come to Save us all.

Published by jenthefair

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