Lord produce, more and more Fruit.Help me to show the world proof.

The world can fade away,
I won’t miss it anyway.

Stay or go.
I serve God.

Whether on this earth.
Or up in Heaven.

Serving God
Is my mission.

Satan wants to cause division.
Block your view, yep blur our vision.

Get out of the way.
No matter how hard you strain.
God’s got me, you can’t cause me pain.

God’s at the core,
He is my essence.

The Holy Spirit
Is God’s presence.

A Gift given, by
The Father and The Son.
This Gift was given in unison.

The agreement was made.
To Save us They made.

God’s Holy Spirit within us.
This was the only way.

Through Jesus Christ.
And all of God’s Might.

Jesus fought the fight.
Yet the battle was ours (sin).

God won the war.
For His creation whom He adores.

Now Satan has no control.

Lord produce, more and more Fruit.
Help me to show the world proof.

Proof of Your Love and tremendous Strength.
Proof of Your Forgiveness and Amazing Grace

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