God has all aspects of me.

Lead me to You always, Lord.

God has all aspects of my life.

In the confusion
It is The Lord who answers my questions,
and silences Satan.

“Hush! For you have no business here and no rights.

Certainly no say so.

God rules this soul!

The tiny crack that you came through.
Go on back!!!

God says,

“Jennifer belongs to me,
solid, strong and bound to ME.
There’s nothing you can do to her.”

Never leaving God’s side.
Don’t let me drift too far out of Your sight.

Thank You Lord for Your protection.
Knowing this is what I wanted.
You’re there when I don’t see it.
Never leaving in any season.

Faith imparted.
So glad I grabbed hold, soon as I started.

Couldn’t imagine life without You.
Don’t have to, thanks to Your Love and ComPassion
Loved us from the beginning.
Even when we were sinners.
It was us and the fall that made us all sinful.

But God, You had a plan

to send Your Son First.

So then we can follow.

While living on earth.

Lead me to You always.
For death’s been defeated
God is all that was needed.
Now Satan stands No chance.
All he can do is dance.

Dance his dance, make it look attractive.
But we all know, all of his tactics.

Leave me alone
God’s got me on loan.
And it’s to Him alone
My life belongs.

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