God’s Love

If he loves me so
And this i know!?!

Then why does love
deliver such a blow?

The Love I know
doesn’t hurt like this.

Give me a kiss
then punch me in the lip!

If this is how it is then
I’m giving you the slip.

Love hurt!?

Not true.
Love is God.
And that’s the Truth.

So why must you
treat me so mean.
What did I do
to deserve this treatment.

Did I not love you
Without condition?

Loved you through the season’s

Now I’ve got my reasons
For changing into me now.

It really isn’t treason.
I have a great reason.

Loving myself with the Love of Christ
Now I finally got it Right.

Peace and tranquility.
Now I’m feeling it.

Calm, no storm.
Love, no hate.
Good, not bad.
Happy, not sad.

Love me like you do!?
Please don’t be so rude.

God has set the stage.
Now follow in His Name.

He will show you how.
To stand out in the crowd.
God will be so proud.

Now live your life out loud.
Love liberally.
Withhold hate and judgement.

Love without conditions
For God Loves you too.

What would the world look like
If we all took this to heart.

Because God loved us from the start.

Right there in
The Garden of Eden.

Held us closer
Even though we didn’t listen.

Draw us near Lord
For You want us not to fear.
Comfort and strength is what You offer.
Anything else isn’t worth the bother.

Run to The FATHER
For He is for You.
Not against us I know.
For my Father’s for me and you.

Grab hold of His Hand and understand God’s Good and Love.

Not hate or bad

The Lord will have none of that!

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