Came to the end, with a filled cup.

The Lord is my reward.

For He is who I adore.
Abide in Him.

Won’t need a thing.
Live in harmony and peace, with bears, bats and lemmings.

Reaching out to get a glimpse.

Of God’s great Sacrifice.
Following Jesus.

For He has shown us.
How to live,

with a bonus.

(The gift of The Holy Spirit)

God’s in control.

This fact I thought,

was already taught.
So live our lives.

In peace and harmony.

For God has got a peaceful army.
Marching forward one step at a time.

All because
The Lord is DeVine.

With the full armor of God.

We can stand tall.
Defeat the enemy.

With plenty of Love.

God is my supply. So fill me up.
Came to the end. With a filled cup.
Overflowing and all.
Cuz when I heard the call.

I ran, not walked, and all evil stopped.

At the sight of our God.

Preparing for battle,
with this odd little girl.

After all, who thought she mattered?

All Satan could do was tattle.

But to who?
For all his army does is chatter and clamor.

For this little girl may be odd.

But she is perfect for this battle.

A Private, Corporal or a Sergeant ? But a position I get.

Not that I deserve it.
Been fighting this fight, all my life.
Now as a senior in God’s army.

The weapon of LOVE is the One that I cherish.
God’s the one fighting.

I just need the armor.

So swing away, The Lord’s calling me home.
I’m done now. I’m ready to go.

Until YOU retire me. I will stay in position.

Poised and ready to Love everyone, for this is my mission.


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