Lost in God’s Eyes

So lost in God’s Eyes.
This is no surprise.

Keep your eyes on the Lord!
Are the shouts that I heard.

So I looked to The Lord.
For Love and Support.

And He poured it on down
Like He’s always done before.

God’s Love is immense.
You should give it a chance.

More than the world,
Has in store,
Weathering every storm.

Alive in Christ,
Jesus calms the storms.

Even storms that I
Have tried hard to ignore.

Reveal it all Lord.
Strip me bare.

Start at the beginning.
And build up, from there.

Lost in God’s Eyes.
So easy to do.

Don’t want to look away.
So, In this position,
I’ll continue.

Gazing, lovingly into God’s Eyes.

how they


Now the world is gone.
It’s just me and You.

Now there’s nothing

We can’t do.

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