In God’s Holy Grasp

Lord, You have handled me
with such gentleness and care.
In my despair, You truly care,
won’t leave me here, no time to spare.

God’s changing me, this I can see.
Not comfortable, but necessary.
One step at a time, with God’s Hand in mine.

May my life and Yours be intertwined,
till my life is Yours Lord, not mine.

For them to see You, is my heart’s plea.
Don’t know what I’m doing.
Lord, You’ve wiped the slate clean.

Start over, now!
But how!?

“I’ve got you Jen, Now just listen.
I AM your friend, don’t you understand?
Loved you from the start, from the beating of your heart.
You’ve been walking at a distance, slowly filling the gap.”

Now so close, all I see,
is God’s Holy Spirit, working in me.
Narrowed sight, honing in on God, all I see is Him, now.

Where do I start? At the beginning!?

Not at all, God’s been on a roll.

For God’s not yet, called me home.
So do His work, with Love and Strength.
From God’s storehouse, my Righteous Bank.

This world is, a tough one to break. Filled with chaos, strife and hate.

The world is gone, it’s depleted me.
Filled up by God, for He is my NEED.

Things of the world, yes are neat.
But of God, I will keep.

Keep Him close, never stray.
In God’s Holy Grasp, is where I’ll stay.

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