Pride is your bride

Pride is your bride.
All dressed up, nice.

Love her well.
Keep her in a protective shell.

Puffed up and proud.
Being really loud.

Standing tall and proud.
Standing out in the crowd.

Enjoy her by your side. Hold on tightly.
Don’t let go, or life, Might bite ya.

Proud, bold and big.
Always acting like a pig.

Who are you, but in my way?
No time for you, now run away!

Humility reigns not pride and boasting.
Jesus showed us the way.
So who are you joking?

Not fooling anyone, but yourself.
Pride and boasting are wack.
So please stop all of that.

Humble yourself, not to me
But the Lord.
To do anything else,
You just can’t afford.

Jesus paid the price, now follow Him
Not boasting but with humility.

Head held low, yet looking up.
To the ONE who gave us Life and Stuff.

Published by jenthefair

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