Watching the Sinking ship

Sinking ship,

Full of anger and pride.

Can’t go on, for it weighs a ton.

Going under,

pull out all the stops!

Bully her,

chain her,

shut her up.

What happened?

This used to work!?

Not anymore,

No more abuses!

Filled with joy,

nothing can destroy.

God’s Holy Spirit,

leading the charge.

Use me Lord,

in leaps and bounds.

God heard my cries.

Heard my S.O.S.

For in my distress,

God fixed my mess.

Didn’t save the ship,

but tossed me a life saver.

Grabbed hold, feeling bold with God’s confident favor.

Love the way, My lifes unfolding.
It’s God’s Hand, that I’m holding.

God molds, prunes

and refines me.

Only God can truly define me.

Identity in Christ,

For this is Right.


The One Who,

paid the price.

Died for all,

now hear His call.

Serve Him well and
May God’s Kingdom come.

Come today,

come tomorrow,

May Your Will be done,

all over.

Bye bye, ship,

you had your time.

Surrender to God,
Don’t be blind.

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