Oh the pretenders,
Not knowing who they are.
Always looking for, who sets the bar.

Don’t have to look far, you know who you are.
A fake, a phoney, it’s such a facade.

All about the show, and who you know.
Can’t go too far, with others setting the bar.

Oozing false confidence. But where is the balance?
No balance here, just teetering and tottering.

Can’t you see, this life is broke?!
Life like this, is such a joke.

Now pick up the pace, get in the race.
Don’t look at others, run the race at your pace.

Gifts and dreams to call your own.
God’s shaping, guiding and He’s molding.

Don’t look at others to imitate.
Your unique, so embrace your fate.

Jesus Christ, lived His life,
made us kin, yep, welcomed us in.

Into God’s Storehouse and He wants you to use,
all of the gifts that He’s given to you.

Not somebody else, already got that worked out.

Not all are alike, God makes us all different,
Unique and dynamic yet with no division.

United as one, we’re on a mission,
God leading the way, till that mission is finished.

…Jenn the Fair…

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