Free to be me.

Feeling free to be myself.
No longer,
a scared little mouse.

Opening doors,
No one can close.

Boy do I,
feel exposed.

Hundreds of times,
I’ve seen that smile.

So bright, you can see it,
For miles and miles.

Surrendering more and more,
to The Lord.

Bright shining face,
So grateful for Grace.

If it weren’t for God’s Grace,
I’d be gone from this place.

Separating spirit from flesh,
God has cleaned up the mess.

Where the Spirit is strong,
The flesh is weak.

Not a meek little mouse,
But a roaring lion.

God is helping me,
Slay my giants.

A diamond in the rough,
Yep, God saw it.
A beautiful me, wild and free.

Published by jenthefair

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