Always on, I never stop.
When will
the thoughts, stop!?
Coming at a vicious pace,
Kind of want,
out of the race.
Tired of life,
But God reminds me,
It’s not all strife.
Because God is guiding.
Don’t know what to do,
Half the time.
The other half,
Just want to rhyme.
Be in,
my own,
little world.
One Where,
God is the Ruler.
Satan tries so hard,
to gain ground.
Yet never going to,
God’s all around.
Because life abounds.
When God’s in control,
Satan underground, under God’s feet,
Smashing his head.
Satan met defeat,
God, gave me Life,
Not sorrow.
But my beautiful Life
Has been bought, not borrowed.
God abounds, the Holy Spirit surrounds.
Pick me up, off the ground
Gaining ground, feeling sound.
In all that I do
Yes, With every breath,
May I Love You
serve You,
To make all things great.

Published by jenthefair

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