God Showers down His Mercy

Feels like
I’m running from life.
Tired of being caught up, In strife.

Sometimes Life Cuts like a knife.
Cutting deep, inside.
Inside of my mind.

Sometimes dull and Sometimes sharp.
But always leaving, Quite a mark.
Scars all over. Starting over.
Life ran me over, like a bulldozer.

Landed on my chest.
Need to get some rest.
When it’s all over.
I’ll go to my Lover.

The Lover,
of my soul.
If it weren’t for God,
I would not be whole.

Restoration in process. God,

please Don’t stop it.
Till the day I take my last breath.

Till the time my Lord says,
“It’s time to rest”.

I’ll serve God daily. Always praying.

Surrendering my life, will and power.
Trading them
for God’s glorious Showers.

Showers of Grace
Showers of Kindness
Showers of God’s
Unending Mercy


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