Sub-conscious state

While living in a sub-conscious state. 

You will make, many mistakes. 

Trying not to be a fake. 

Waiting patiently, to meet my fate. 

Sub-conscious state, half asleep/half awake. 

Some days, more asleep than awake. 

But then again, some days, more awake than asleep.

Sub-conscious state, I’m in my head. 

In there, God’s the Ruler, Satan’s dead. 

So when I live in that, Sub-conscious state,

Life’s more peaceful, Yep, it’s great.

When I have to live consciously, 

be awake to everything.

That’s when things go topsy-turvy. 

My whole world,  in knots and turmoil. 

Don’t understand the world, when in a conscious state. 

Yet when in my, sub-conscious state, 

I love this world, and fit in right. 

So yes, I may be introverted, living life sub-consciously. 

Sometimes aware, sometimes worldly default. 

But mostly the Holy Spirit ruling over my spirit. 

Helping me to surrender my power and will to the Holy One. 

I owe God everything, hence the ruling of my sub-conscious state. 

He rules my heart, body, mind. 

Not to say sometimes, that worldly thinking doesn’t get me. 

Yes it takes over from time to time. 

But only for a moment, for God’s in control of this mind. 

Stray a little, maybe I will, but surrender to God fully, 

That’s God’s Will. The Lord is my Ruler.

Fighting from the Victory, for God has won the war. 

Judgment is gone, now Grace abounds. 

Following my Father, my Brother and Savior.

With the comfort of God’s Holy Spirit, 

I will continue to Live. 

Mostly sub-consciously. 

Yes, mistakes I will make.

But God is always there to help make things Great.

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